The Nat Smiley Collection By Natasha Tsarina



The Nat Smiley Collection

Here is the collection of the first four Nat Smiley books.

Nat is a beautiful and hot young woman who is always will to try something new. In the books her adventures take her from rural Oklahoma to Las Vegas, Panama,and finally a yacht in the Mediterranean.
Along the way she has to solve a robbery, a murder, a kidnapping and stop a couple of con men, through the stories she has several adventures both with men and women.

About The Author

Natasha Tsarina is the author of the Nat Smiley series and stand alone Erotica.
She lives in Spain and before that she spent many years in North and South America.

She has a daytime job and writes whenever she can and mostly at night. In her present and previous jobs she has met many interesting people and some of them and their stories have influenced her writing.

When she isn’t working and/or writing she can be found on the beach or around the pool if the weather permits it, or curled up in her sofa with a good book and her cat.

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Author: Natasha Tsarina                                          Price: $2.99