The Interview The Hot Wife Coach Book One By Ruby Harper

The Interview



The Interview The Hot Wife Coach Book One
Author Ruby Harper

The Interview is one of those books you come across that is a little odd but yet you can’t put it down.

The story revolves around Emma visiting Hot Wife Coach Max Hatfield where she undergoes a number of examinations and tests to see if she is suitable for the Hot Wife Program all of which comes as a little shock for Emma as the resolve of her sexual fantasies is pushed to the limit when she is publicly exposed both physically and mentally as Max Hartfield give Emma an examination like she has never had before concluding with one final test when he asks his colleague Tom for a second opinion who gleefully gives his seal of approval after he takes and uses the BBW while she is held in restraints


Why is it a little odd you ask?  Well no not the sex – nothing too odd about that – nice and kinky in fact, but  more to do with how the writer presents it , very clinical like you are in a doctor’s office getting a medical which I have to say adds to the naughtiness making this a nice little hot read.

This is the first book in this series and I will definitely be taking a look at the others

About Author:

Ruby Harper writes about women losing their inhibitions and finding that reality can be even hotter than fantasy. Her stories are short, erotic and always feature dominant men who know how to take control.

Ruby spends most of her life in a quiet part of northern England and loves music, village life and exhausting walks with Charlie the golden lab. She’s been reading since as far back as she can remember and writing for almost as long.

Ruby’s stories are best read in private.

Ruby’s website is at