The Devil You Know (The Devil DeVere)

The Devil You Know (The Devil DeVere)

The Devil You Know (The Devil DeVere)

The Devil Devere Series- Library Journal Best E-Book Romance 2012
(This book is the third in a connected series but can be read first)
Sometimes the Devil is Disguised as a Gentleman…

In this third installment of the award-winning Devil Devere series, DeVere is finally center stage when Ned, Annalee, and her cousin, Diana arrive at DeVere’s estate for a weekend of horseracing. From the first meeting, DeVere makes his interest in Diana acutely known. Although she sees no ha



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  1. Heather BookSavvyBabe "Book Savvy Babe"
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE- favorite of the series so far!, September 11, 2012
    So far, this third installment in the Devil DeVere series is my favorite. It may be because the protagonist is finally DeVere himself, or that I got to see Diana as more than a bitter woman. Either way, all things considered, I loved The Devil You Know and I am eagerly writing this review so I can pick up book four and continue this story.

    The Devil DeVere series is an erotic historical romance series filled with humor, debauchery, tricks, and zany antics. Each novella has been thoroughly entertaining and has provided background for The Devil You Know. Actually, it may be more accurate to say that The Devil You Know finally fills in the background that has been alluded to in the previous installments. In this novella, the story is transported back to when the Viscount DeVere and Diana first meet. Diana was still married, Ned was married to his first wife, and DeVere… well, he was still a womanizer. However, Diana manages to pique the Viscount’s interest more than other women have before. When troubles rise and the dust settles, it seems that this pair’s story is far from over.

    I absolutely loved The Devil You Know, it has everything I look for in my historical romance reads; the hierarchy of the Ton, the “propriety” and fear of scandal, some smoking hot sexy scenes, and a simmering romance. Plus, each of these novellas has been simply fun to read. I have gotten to know the characters and understand them (to a point, DeVere’s actions still boggle my mind at times). I am thankful that author Victoria Vane showed a different side to Diana. In the earlier novellas, she was not my favorite character. However, after reading her story, I really feel for her and find that she is my favorite heroine of the series. She is a no-nonsense type of character and can stand up for herself when necessary.

    The story ends fairly abruptly, in part because of the thick-headedness of DeVere. Once he decides something, he takes action right away. So, it is a very good thing that The Devil You Know is only the first part of the story for Diana and DeVere. As I made clear earlier, I can not wait to pick up the 4th novella, The Devil’s Match, to see where these characters go next.

    Romance readers, if you like steamy historical romances with a side of wit, you definitely want to give this series a try. Each novella in The Devil DeVere series has been a quick, fun, sensual read. I would advise reading the books in order to really grasp the impact of the story and to understand all the characters.

    *I received this book in exchange for an honest review*


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  2. Kristin Anders "A good romance reviewer is pr...
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Best in the Series, Prequel to Novellas #1 and #2, August 8, 2012
    “The Devil You Know” is novella #3 in this novella series and
    its events take place prior to the events of novellas #1 and #2.

    This can be read as a stand-alone novel.

    How are the sex scenes?
    Full of angst and very, very lustful.

    How are the story lines?
    They read like a full length novel, with one main plot and several smaller ones.

    Diana is steadfast and strong, accepting her fate with quiet dignity and doing everything possible to save herself from ruin. Except for selling her body to DeVere.

    “There is something you clearly do not yet understand, my lord. My virtue is neither for sale, nor for barter – under any circumstances.”

    Women can be subtly strong and firmly polite. Thank you, Ms. Vane, for proving it.

    We also get to meet the lovely Annalee, Sir Edward’s deceased wife in the first two novellas. It was sad to read her – and to like her – because I knew she would be dead before the year was out. But I enjoyed getting to know her. May she rest in peace.

    Vane warns readers that “The Devil You Know” is darker than the first two stories. She is right, it’s darker. Not so dark that you should pass it up, however. The “darkness” can be found in references to painful sodomy experiences and a description of cold blooded murder.

    “The Devil You Know” is a bit disturbing, offering up the right amount of sinister to make it my favorite novel of the series.

    Disclaimer: No compensation was received for this review. eARC courtesy of Victoria Vane.


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  3. Sophia Rose "Guest Reviewer for Delighted Rea...
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    How It All Began Between the Devil and Diana- Fantastic Installment in the Series, September 8, 2012
    Sophia Rose “Guest Reviewer for Delighted Rea… (Southeast, MI, United States) –

    Oh yes, its quite obvious this series is headed into the homestretch as this story both answered and created a lot of mystery in the main story thread that has been tying the series together. It is book three in the series, but chronologically it falls before book one because it takes the story back to the time hinted at in the first two books when the reader is given broad hints of a past history between DeVere and Diana involving the death of her husband and a clandestine passionate interlude. It tantalized me for so long and here, in this book, I finally got to the bottom of it.

    In this installment, there is first the usual prologue, but this one is about a younger DeVere. The short piece is a splendid revelation into the making of the older, jaded version of DeVere. Then fast forward a few years. Diana, Edward, and Amalee (yes, sweet Amalee is alive and a delight to know in this her swan song story) are en route to enjoy the hospitality of Edward’s friend Lord DeVere during the race meet. Diana’s husband has gone on ahead of them with the race horse from their stable and her own mare that they are hoping to entice someone to use for stud. Diana has time to reflect on the reasons for her husband’s absences from her side and is not blind to her empty marriage particularly when she has the evidence before her eyes of a loving marriage between her cousin and her husband.

    On arrival, Diana is surprised by the appearance of DeVere and highly aroused though she pretends not to be by his immediate interest in her as a woman. But other matters start to distract her when she discovers that her husband never arrived though the horses and grooms did and when she discovers that a sour jealous woman who currently warms DeVere’s bed looks on her as a rival. DeVere himself gets bolder with his interest and invitations, but she resists.

    Even while DeVere plots to have the enticing Diana in his bed, he is busy trying to pluck her worthless husband out of trouble at a gaming party hosted by DeVere’s shady neighbor at the same time that he must give Caroline, his current fling, her conge. Caroline proves tenacious and doesn’t plan to be turned aside.

    And the plot just keeps on getting better when murder, blackmail, usury, dark secrets, and betrayal become part of the game. I don’t wish to spoil it for anyone so I’ll stay silent about the details regarding all that. Suffice to say, it was an engrossing plot that was full of excitement and intrigue.

    Now the part of the plot I will speak to is Ludovic and Diana’s passionate affair. There is much tension while she keeps herself under restraint, but when a terrible secret is revealed it gives her the impetus to go with her desires for once. Their passion is five alarm fire hot. Though he holds a vast deal of experience and she very little, it is these refreshing differences that serve to give them both the most pleasure. Somehow, in the process of sating their physical needs, they both discover a deeper connection and contentment together. It was one of those horrid moments when I realized that it wasn’t going to be enough because of the jealousy and greed of another. I was warmed to know the truth and was sad that Ludovic had to keep the truth from Diana and let her think the worst of him to protect her.

    So what with the strong regrets for what couldn’t be between DeVere and Diana and with the unsolved mystery of the murder (yes, it remained unsolved though everyone was pointing fingers), I am dying to read the next installment. I love how the story arc of DeVere and Diana in this series just keeps getting drawn taunter and tighter so that I am left in anticipating and wanting more.

    I recommend this novella, which should be read in order for optimum enjoyment, for those who love their historical romance on the erotic side.


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