The Blanket Hornpipe



The Blanket Hornpipe By Fusty Luggs

A romping, swearing- it’s a naval town, only to be expected! A black comedy set in the last years of the Victorian era. May isn’t a common prostitute. No! I’m not common. A prostitute? It wasn’t like that… A death, or two… -Wasn’t my fault! – And I didn’t do it; my neck is far too beautiful to risk a noose. Portsea, a slum area in Portsmouth, where prostitution is rife; it’s a way of making ends meet, when life is hard! …

but she dreamt of a new hat, that yellow felt ensemble, with the mauve parrot’s wings.
The Blanket Hornpipe brimming with larger than life characters; bestriding the Portsea stage, against a backdrop of vice, and a little virtue –just a little, for decency’s sake!
‘A Masterpiece of Theatre and Sex’ MK ALEXANDER
‘A fun romp through Victorian Portsmouth’ THE STRAND
‘Shades of Grey meets the Carry On Team. Upstairs Downstairs, mingled with Fanny Hill….’ THE GRAPHIC
‘I tittered … thank goodness it’s in a plain cover!’ THE ARGOSY

Author: Fusty Luggs                                                          Price: $2.99