The Billionaire’s Indulgence #1 By Ellen Waite



The Billionaire’s Indulgence #1

This is only the first installment in a serialized tale of erotic romance (Alpha/Billionaire). This story is roughly 15,000 words in length. New installments in the story are forthcoming. This book is not recommended for readers with an aversion to cliffhangers, graphic depictions of sex or serialized fiction.
This e-book contains explicit sexual content and is not recommended for readers under 18 years of age. Reader discretion advised.


A boring, careless boyfriend. A boring, monotonous day job. Madeline Lovelace’s life seems the very definition of dull until the mysterious Elias Collingwood takes a job at her office and spices things up. When her boyfriend suddenly dumps her, Madeline finds comfort in Elias, but realizes very quickly that he’s offering her more than mere ‘comfort’…

When she gets involved with the cocky, enigmatic Elias, the rest of her life is thrown into chaos. Just who is he, and why does he have such an intense interest in her? As she gets to know him, it quickly becomes clear that he’s keeping some secrets…

Author: Ellen Waite                                                      Price: $0.00