The Billionaire and the Beast (Sharing Abby)

Abby has an assignment to interview the eccentric, elusive billionaire, Mr. Blackwell. She’s a veteran at reporting, never to be outdone, until she uncovers a mystery in the billionaire’s mansion. His handsome butler is a werewolf. And Blackwell? He has a penchant for bondage
The combination is a dangerous threat to her vow of celibacy. Once Mr. Blackwell finds her wandering around his mansion, he ties her up in his secret dungeon, where she admits she likes being bound and at his will.

This short, erotic romance (16,000 words) involves a dominating billionaire, bondage, submission, and a handsome butler hiding a sexy, primal secret.

Author: Stroker Chase                                          Price: $2.91
Author Bio Note

Erotica/Romance writer. Sipper of pumpkin coffee near a warm fire. I’ve been publishing online since 2011, and now have tons of titles available, ranging from straight up erotic romance to fantasy erotica. Please take a look at my catalog, especially the bundles, in order to get the best price available. I write in straight romance to fantasy with erotic elements. Looking forward to entertaining for years to come.