Stolen (The Madame X School, prequel)

The first time I stole something was on a dare.

I was fifteen and reckless, determined to prove I could be a bad ass. My best friend Jody dared me
to take a pack of gum from the Handy-Mart. In retrospect, I’m surprised my
bumbling effort didn’t land me in jail. It was hardly a covert mission but I did
it. I did it, I loved it and I’ve been stealing ever since.

.Usually it’s something small, just enough to give me the rush. Over the
years, I’ve graduated up to pickpocketing which requires a bit more daring and a
lot more finesse. I’ve never gotten caught and I suppose that’s part of the

Every time I take something I have to wonder if this is the day
my luck will run out.

This is the story of the day I stole from the
wrong man.

Story contains content some
readers may find objectionable, including voyeurism, exhibitionism, anal play,
sex with strangers and extended orgasms. If you have a problem with orgasms, do
not purchase this book.

Length: 4k words, 15 pages  – SHORT STORY

Author: Jinx Jamison                                              Price: $0.00