Romance and a Honeymoon (Romance Series) By Sharon Cummin



Romance and a Honeymoon (Romance Series)

Romance and a Piece of Cake (#1 in the Romance Series)
Emily was making a cake to prepare for her friend Sally’s birthday party. When suddenly, her friend’s hot looking brother arrived early. He’s had a crush on Emily since he was young. Does she finish the cake in time for the party with all of the added heat in the kitchen?

Romance and a Proposal (#2 in the Romance Series)
While Paul was in the shower, his phone rang. When Emily took the phone from his pants pocket a small folded piece of paper fell on the ground. She picked up the paper, opened it, and read it. Her eyes lit up, and her hands began to shake. What was on that paper? Would it change her life forever?

Romance and a Bachelor Party (#3 in the Romance Series)
Emily told Paul that she did not think they should have bachelor and bachelorette parties. Paul agreed not to have one. Does Paul fall under the peer pressure of his good friends? Or, does he stay true to his word?

Romance, a Billionaire, and a Jealous Fiance (#4 in the Romance Series)
“After you dropped off my grandma’s wedding band yesterday at the jewelers, when did they say we could pick it up?” Emily asked.

Paul reached into his back pocket, and his face went flush as he let out a gasp. His wallet was gone. Her grandmother’s ring was in his wallet, because he had not dropped it off to the jeweler yet. He knew he had his wallet the night before at his bachelor party, but it was missing in the morning. Emily did not know about the party, and this was not the time to tell her. He would find the right moment later to talk to her about it. A million things ran through his mind about how to respond to her question.

“Uh… They said it would be ready Friday. They have to clean and size it, and that takes a few days,” Paul blurted out. “I will pick it up after work Friday for you.”

Feeling so bad for lying to her, Paul had to get the wallet back before she realized what had happened. He was on a mission to find it, when his estranged billionaire uncle showed up unexpectedly to visit.

The handsome billionaire realized he had feelings for his nephew’s fiance after spending time with her.
Does Paul get the wallet back before Emily discovers the truth?
Does the billionaire reveal his feelings of love for Emily?

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