REVIEW – The Scarlett Haze Diaries by Kiera Hart

coverThis ebook comes under the short story umbrella, but actually after reading it, I had to double-check, because the author seems to manage to pack so much in.

The story is the first in the Scarlet Haze Diaries series of books, and is also the first for author Keira Hart!  The story is not for the easily offended, or those who don’t enjoy a very strong sexual story line, however despite the fact that it is an erotic book, and contains some scenes of a heavily sexual nature; the story is actually, I felt, more about a young woman’s voyage of discovery, as she attempts to escape the dullness and predictability of life.

The central story line follows Scarlet, a unhappily married woman, as she ventures to London and to a Swingers Club, where she meets up with both people she has met online and also with new and at the time seemingly rather exciting people.  The one person however who she had wanted to meet up with fails to show, which then gives Scarlet a chance to be truly independent, and go it alone.

I enjoyed the story very much, and I think the premise of bringing out more stories all based on Scarlet’s list is a great idea.  It is at times predictable, and like much erotica ends with the outcome predicted.  However what I found refreshing and really enjoyed is the fact that the author did not feel the need to make everyone beautiful, buff and tanned, and in fact at times quite the opposite, this gave the whole story a dose of reality of believability which is rarely found in erotica.

77p/99c well spent? Absolutely, the book is well written with nice character development, it is a short story so don’t expect anything to in-depth, but for the money, a nicely written enjoyable story.

4-kinky-katsFour Kinky Cats

The Scarlet Haze Diaries is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iTunes – links below.