Review – The Neighbor’s Wife – Davina Lust

The-Neighbor's-Gift-Cover-Inside-KindleWe at Kinky In Ink love a new release and so when Davina Lust asked us to review her brand new, and first release – The Neighbor’s Gift.

Daniel and Abby are a married couple, rather bored in their routine, and when Abby seems to be warming to Daniel’s cuckolding fantasies, her upcoming birthday seems the perfect time to act!

The Neighbor’s Gift is slickly written and easy to read. It follows Daniel’s plans with his handsome neighbour Mark. Descriptive and very sexy, it is hard not to be charmed into reading this story from start to finish in one sitting. It follows the current trend of short, well written sexy stories which can be picked up for less than a bag of toffees, and be read and enjoyed in about the same time as it would take to munch and chew your way through a variety bag.

If you love the idea of a cuckolded husband or just a well written erotic story then this will tick the boxes. For a first story it’s a great start for the aptly named Davina Lust!

4-kinky-kats4 kinky kats – for some quality erotica!

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