Review – Rubber Space Academy by Roxy Katt

RSAnewASUPLOADEDThis is a very silly story, now that doesn’t mean it’s rather good as well, because actually it is!

Rubber Space Academy is unlike anything else I have ever read, Roxy Katt obviously doesn’t take her erotica too seriously which was something I really liked. I honestly had a good chuckle a couple of times and a smile on my face the whole time.

A short story at just 41 pages; it nevertheless packs in the funny, sex and rubber of course!

Pamela Blamm is the heroine of this lesbian, rubber fetish tale, a young woman with a penchant for women in rubber, who just happens to be attending the Titus Bysshe Women’s Space Academy a place where everyone is rubber clad, without it seems the slightest idea it may be a rather erotic sexual thing to be wearing.  However, not to worry because our Pamela is here to not actually save the day, but certainly lick, suck and generally bombard her way through a series of ever more crazy sexual scenarios, as she attempts to leave the academy, her welcome most definitely waning after her footlocker is found full of the kind of fun items any deviant should have when surrounded by young (and old) women clad in the tightest of rubber.

I shall not ruin too much of the story, but will say she starts off with the Academy’s principal, and ends up in robot guise with a real space heroine, in between this is a hoover and a film projector feature, both of which are used with rather shocking results to tempt, torture and ultimately satisfy various members of the faculty!

There is rather more farting than you would expect, a lot of wobbly flesh and plenty of mess!!

It’s fun and its silly, it gets four laughing Kinky Kats!


About Roxy Katt

Roxy Katt specializes in odd and comedic fetish erotica featuring unusual incidents of humiliation.  Her work includes lesbian and trans woman characters.  Rubber, leather, armour, corsetry, BDSM, and suit inflation are just some of the elements of her work.  Roxy is the eroto-spiritual child of Buster Keaton and Catwoman.

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