Review – Monster’s Chains by Lola White

MonstersChains500Monster’s Chains by Lola White is one of those books which draws you in seemingly deeper and deeper with every page you turn.

A thriller with a decent bit of erotic content thrown in, I found that the author has managed to combine the two in a way to make the sexual content a part of the story, and rather than an add on, it adds to the feel of the whole book.  Monster’s Chains revolves around Rebecca Sterling, who is a psychic with the ability to see past events; now this is a gift which comes with and causes its own emotional struggles,as she sees crimes through the eyes of the perpetrator.  The story begins when Rebecca is called in by Police Officer, Detective Frank James, to help out on a case of a missing women, reluctant initially to help with the case, when she does, she gets involved not only emotionally but romantically with the missing woman’s brother Aiden Parnellis, needless to say this case pushes her to her every limit as Rebecca finds herself going from the hunter to the hunted. .

5-kinky-katsFive Kinky Kats

I genuinely found myself rather liking Rebecca and even when I didn’t quite perhaps understand her decisions I found her a great protagonist, the character development that Lola White has incorporated into the book gives you the feeling of knowing the characters, and wanting then to know more.  I found in fact that all the characters are pretty much perfectly written, matching a storyline that is not only believable but well contracted

I don’t want to give too much away, but I am glad to say that the story moves at the perfect pace for this type of thriller with the intensity growing as you read each and every chapter.   I read Monsters Chains in just three sittings, but suspect had time not got in the way, I could have easily sat and devoured the book in one go!

This is the first book I have read by Lola White and I don’t think it will be the last, finding an author of erotica who can truly spin in a yarn in a great thriller is a rare find!

In summary – Monsters Chains by Lola White has a wonderful intensity, an exciting storyline and delicate touches of erotic heat which all make for a very enjoyable read.

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