Review – Georgie’s Christmas

Georgie’s-Christmas-Cover-Kindle-1Sometimes a book is simple and charming enough so as to become a relaxing read, and Georgie’s Christmas is one of those books, a short story of just over 7000 words, it tells the story of two best friends Georgia and Louisa, as they decide to leave their traditional family Christmas’ behind them, and head off into the sun for some sun, sea and hopefully sex.

But Georgia is a bit of an old fashioned girl at heart and you can feel her relief when she meets Chris, a rather nice lad also on holiday.  But things do get decently sexy, the book only features one sex scene but it is very detailed and long.  So in the end Georgia seems to get the Christmas she had been dreaming off!

Well written sexy and romantic – these easy reading christmas tale gets 4 Kinky Kats