Revenge of the Cat By Amie Heights Review

Revenge of the Cat Men





Revenge of the Cat Men By Amie Heights

This is a shape shifter with a pretty good storyline!  While rescuing one of their own the ‘Cat Men’ capture the very alluring Allison Biggs, who is a woman who is  really totally clueless to what goes on where she works – until now!  Because now she is at the mercy of these strange powerful creatures.

Once back at their den the pack take swift revenge, forcing their own sexual brand of punishment  on Allison’s captive yet somewhat willing body.
4-kinky-kats 4 kinky kats – for some quality erotica!

All in all if you like shape shifter stories with a bit more of a erotic bite than romance, you will enjoy this one, the characters are well constructed and I could see Allison turning in to a pretty good heroine.

About Author:

Amie is originally from Nebraska. She moved to Oregon when she was 5 and grew up in the Pacific Northwest. Amie has been writing since she started college in 1992. At graduation Amie started writing erotica exclusively and has recently started publishing her works online. Amie works full time as a server and plays full time as a tom girl.