Office Games



Office Games By Lacey Harper

When Laurent’s sexy executive assistant Adriana sets up some very naughty strip poker rules, he agrees to play along. His ultimate fantasy is to get her naked, wet and spread wide. As the clothes fall off and the cards heat up, he decides to find out just how far she’s willing to take the game. Will she let him shove all in, or will she bust him out of the game?

Content Warning: This short story contains adult material with explicit sexual situations and language. All sexually active characters in this work are 19 years of age or older.
Word Count: 5,600+
A Taste of What’s Inside:
Adriana crossed one leg over the other. Her tiny denim shorts slid down just enough to reveal the delicate lace on the edge of her red and white panties.
He wanted to peel those panties off with his teeth. He ached to bury his face between those irresistible thighs and quench his thirst by licking her dewy lips.
One day. Sometime soon, but not now. Now he had to keep his head in the game. That leg trick was the oldest one in the book. Distract the player. Throw him off his game. Poker 101.
He cut a tower of chips from his stack. “Thirteen hundred.”
She didn’t bother to  hide her frown. “Boss?”
“Yes?” His voice dripped with a mixture of innocence and sarcasm.
“You’re mean.” She pouted.
He roared with laughter. “You’re so cute when you don’t get your way.”
She jumped out of her chair. “Call.”
She flipped up two aces.
“Damn.” The little minx trapped him.
“I flopped a set.”
She hopped toward him. Her breasts bounced and nearly spilled over the top of her bra. His erection strained against the zipper. Damn she made him hard.
“Now Mr. Boss Man, I get to pick what to take off.”
“Surprise me.”
When she reached for the button on his pants, he grabbed her wrists. “Wait.”
A mischievous smile spread all the way from her lips to her twinkling eyes. “I get to take off anything I want. Rules are rules. Right?”
He released her arms. She immediately stepped forward. She stood so close, he could smell her coconut scented hair. He longed to run his hands through the luscious locks.
Her fingers slipped under the waistband of his pants. The brush of her knuckle against his belly made him clench his teeth. He willed the erection to go away, but of course that was impossible.
With the button unhooked, she eased the zipper down. His erection pressed against the briefs. She knelt and tugged the pants past his hips then down his legs. With her in that position, he wanted to open her mouth and plunge into its depths. In time, in time.
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