Laura May Diaries


For Immediate Release: How an Indie Writer is making a Sexy Voice for Female Cartoons VANCOUVER, British Columbia (October 21, 2013) Vancouver writer Noya is using her alter-ego “Laura May” to prove that female cartoons have a voice too and it’s sexier than you think. The adult cartoon industry is so male dominated that Noya thinks it’s time to change that. “The world needs a real powerful woman in the form of a sensual Disney princess.” The animated cartoon entitled “Laura May Diaries”

aims to show a strong female character and a dynamic story arc, but it’s also pushing boundaries in other areas. “The show is about sexuality, relationships, love and everything in between” Noya reveals, “it has the perfect balance of sexy and funny; we’re not holding anything back – think South Park meets Sex & The City.” The series stems from the erotic “Laura May Diaries” podcast where Noya created and voiced the lead character. “She became my alter ego, she’s powerful, career orientated and a walking orgasm, any woman in her thirties wishes to be Laura May,” Noya says with a smile.

The podcast gained a wide following and was featured on iTunes top twenty podcasts. “One day when I looked at the popular podcasts page on iTunes I saw Steve Jobs, Laura May and Oprah Winfrey, in that exact order, I was floored to say the least.” Noya and her crew are treating the show as a start-up. “We want to keep the production in Vancouver and target the online community first. The great thing about the internet is that viewers no longer need big television studios or networks to decide what they’re going to watch, the viewers are the most important part, and they are not scared to voice their opinions,” she says. The Laura May Diaries team is looking forward to seeing their pitch on the 8th season of CBC’s Dragon’s Den, where they presented the sexy cartoon to the ruthless Dragons. You can read the Laura May Diaries story on Amazon and watch samples of the cartoon at