I’ve Fallen and there’s a Tentacle in my Butt



I’ve Fallen and there’s a Tentacle in my Butt By Edward Naughty

There was a mishap in a lab during a sexual experiment that was being conducted on a naked young woman. A door that contained a creature with tentacles had cracked open by mistake. The monster became enraged when the test subject couldn’t continue to orgasm and smashed the door open. The lab technicians tried to get the monster under control and in the process severed one of its tentacles. The tentacle escaped from the lab to the outside world.

The scientist conducting the experiment rushed out after the tentacle. She knew that if she didn’t catch the tentacle before it could find a human host, then it would spawn another creature and the city would be in danger. Will she find the tentacle before it nestles in some unsuspecting person’s warm orifice?

Author: Edward Naughty                                                           Price: $0.99