House of Roosters


House of Roosters: Melissa’s Story

Welcome to the House of Roosters.
You’re entering a unique club created by women for women for the sole purpose of providing a safe place to explore sexual fantasies and meet sexual needs.

Here you’ll meet the men, the Roosters, who are recruited to facilitate these explorations and meet these needs. But women run the show. If a man can’t make the ladies happy, well, his goose is cooked.

You’ll meet a multitude of women, the Happy Ladies, with a variety of needs and desires. Maybe one of them is like you. Maybe you would like to be one.

You guys, surely, will want to be a rooster.

In Book One of the series, Melissa’s Story, we learn about the trials and tribulations involved in founding the club. From a small circle of nineteen women and three roosters in a suburban house the club expands, within the short period of a year, till it requires the space of an old factory building.

Approximately 63,000 words


Melissa with Shawn:
“Hold your cock up straight,” I said.
I lowered my pussy over the tip. Looking down between us I got a view from one angle. Then, twisting to look over my shoulder, I got another captured by the mirror. At the intersection of my legs, below the round globes of my ass, he stood like a rocket about to blast off into my inner universe.
“Damn that’s hot,” he said.
“Yeah,” I said. “We have ignition.”
“What?” He said.
“Never mind,” I said, and punched that rocket deep into my innards. “Fuck.”
I was now seriously committed to the space program. It was time for multiple launches. I lost interest in watching us in the mirror and focused on the inner space of sensation. I was bouncing my butt, moving it around, trying to find the angle with the most sensational payback. Shawn was helping with upward thrusts each time I came down and the impacts were sending delicious vibrations through my clit. Each forceful collision of our bodies made me want more of the same. I bounced faster and faster and Shawn met me every time.

Melissa with Derek:
“You name the place,” Derek said. “And spill the wine. That’s the basic ceremony.”
I stood up, walked out past the candles, and removed the wire cage from around the cork and then, with some effort, popped the cork like Derek had done out onto the open floor. I began to dance. I could feel Derek’s semen leaking out of me. My shadow danced on the walls. I closed my eyes and thought about what this place meant to me. Dribbling a thin stream of wine I began circling the candles and the pallet. I opened my eyes to see Derek watching me attentively; I smiled and he smiled back. I continued until the circle was complete. I barely had enough liquid. I stood inside the circle.
“From within the safety of this sacred circle I christen this property the House of Roosters,” I said, my voice echoing off the walls. “Here women will be free to be who they truly are and here will be men who support their freedom. Within this sacred circle we will find the strength to change what can be changed and hold our own against those who would diminish us. Here we will freely explore our sexuality and create a community based on the celebration and affirmation of our individual lives within this moment of eternity.” At last I fell silent.
“I don’t know where you were channeling that from,” Derek said, “but it gave me goose bumps. All I can say is amen, sister; hallelujah and amen.”

Author: Amanda Jilling                                                            Price: $4.99