Erotica: Sex Stories For Mature Lovers

Erotica: Sex Stories For Mature Lovers By Jordan

These Erotica short stories contains scenes of very graphic and adult nature, and it might also contain some profanity which some may find offensive.
Do you know who you really are? You might be surprised to learn you can spend many years believing you have yourself figured-out, and then discover the events of one particular day ends-up changing who you are in every way.

A good example would be Jon. It isn’t that he did anything that was any different than other men, particularly when they watch a great porn DVD alone. The only thing he did wrong was to get caught by his wife and her best friend.
And then there is Ted. He thought he was the perfect Dom until he saw his buddies with his wife and he had to sit mutely and watch. Sometimes you learn you don’t know yourself as well as you might think.
Then, there is Tammy the beautiful bitch. When her twin brothers and their friends devise a plan to punish her for her actions, she suddenly finds she has fallen in love with someone who has been right in front of her for years. If you read about Jeremy, you will learn about a young man who discovered who he was sexually while being on a camping trip with family and friends.
And finally, there is Mr Johnson who seduces his babysitter and gives her her first orgasm while lounging at the beach. No, these changes did not require years to take place, only the events which occurred on one particular day in their lives.

Author: Jordan Taylor                                                          Price: $2.99