Emily’s Seduction (Wild, Wicked and Wanton)

Emily’s Seduction (Wild, Wicked and Wanton)

Emily's Seduction (Wild, Wicked and Wanton)

Emily’s Seduction is the sequel to Alex’s Angel.

Erotic Romance

Georgian Historical Set in the USA

Approx. 287 pages long (based on the Word Document) 

NOTICE: This ebook contains sample chapters from
Natasha Blackthorne’s other stories.

Book Four in the Wild, Wicked and Wanton Series

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  1. SexxyBlogger
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Salaciously Sexy Historical Romance, July 23, 2012
    SexxyBlogger (USA) –

    Natasha Blackthorne definitely knows how to draw a reader into her salaciously wicked historical romances. These erotic stories will have you wiggling in your seat…wherever that seat may be.

    Book 4 in the Carte Blanche series, we pick up with Emily and Alex being happy and engaged. But the engagement isn’t public and Emily although she love Alex…she’s starting to wonder what is keeping him from announcing his proposal to her. She questions his past and wonders if he truly loves her as much as he says. Emily grew up in this story, she was still a bit naive; but she’s definitely not as gullible as she was. Her total trust and love for Alex is what kept her in his house even though there were whispers about her staying in a home of a single man. You see how much Emily has grown and how much more mature she is because she’s willing to deal with Alex secret past without questioning him, but a girl can only deal with so much and her faith and love is tested when that secret comes to light.

    Alex is a man with a tortured past and he wears it well. Although he is giving as far as time and finances. Emotionally, Alex is inept. He shoulders a guilt that would break a man. But Alex isn’t that broken, he just separates himself and although he loves Emily with a fierceness. He can’t help but wonder if she would continue to love him..trust him if she knew of what happened to him.

    I absolutely love this continuation of Alex and Emily’s story. They both grew in so many ways. Natasha’s writing is just so heartfelt and you are so emotionally drawn into her stories. You feel what her characters feel and I really do like that. I like to be emotionally tied to the people I’m reading about. I personally feel more connected and Natasha does that perfectly.

    Heat Level – 5 High Flames

    Sharonda (Salacious Reads)

    **Book provided by author/publisher for Honest Review.


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  2. Close Encounters with the Night Kind
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    An Exciting Ride, July 23, 2012
    This is book 2 in Emily and Alex’s sensuous discovery of their love. Even though the first book hinted at a naughtily ever after, Emily and Alex have a long way to go and many things to explore before they can finally settle down. Alex is finally happy and as a result, tries to shield Emily of the horrors of the world in order to preserve his current state. He truly believes that Emily can never accept him or love him if she discovers his past. But Alex has been holding back in the bedroom and is hesitant to express his darker desires. Will Emily accept this part of him or turn from him in disgust?

    Emily knows Alex is holding back from her. She knows there is more to his past then he lets on. The scars from his past haunt him and in turn barricade her from truly knowing him. Then comes the repression of her spirit. He refuses to allow Emily to work on her new project. He claims that she should be satisfied with the work in her past and let someone else pick champion this new cause. Emily rebels. No man will dictate her. If Alex can’t understand her, how can he love her?

    Back and forth the battle of wills goes with both ending up losing so much. Alex seeks to show her pieces of his carnal needs by including and third person in the bedroom. He starts heating things up in a bedroom that already sizzles and discoveries Emily’s passion rivals his own. But will he taint her innocence by showing her the darker side of love? Will Emily turn from him in disgust as all the pieces of his life are spelled out for her? Alex’s fears are potently portrayed in this book, along with the unfolding of his horrific past, and his carnal urges. The decadence displayed in this book leaves you panting for more! The sensuous scenes are just my kind of naughty. It is unusual to say this but the sequel surpasses the first book not only in sexual hotness, but in content as well. What a stunning and wildly exciting ride. Ladies, please have your fans handy before jumping into this one!

    *This book was given to me in exchange for my honest opinion in a review*


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  3. Anonymous
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    April A. Renn “aarenn(AprilR)” (Henderson, NC) –

    This review is from: Emily’s Seduction (Wild, Wicked and Wanton) (Kindle Edition)
    EMILY’S SEDUCTION by Natasha Blackthorne is an exciting Erotic American Set Georgian Romance set in 1794 Philaphidia,PA. It is Book #4 in the Carte Blanche series,but can be read as a stand alone. See,”Emily’s Grey”,”White Lace and Promises”,and “Alex’s Angel”. “Emily’s Seduction” is the continuing story of Alexander Dalton and Emily Eliot after becoming betrothed,now they explore their relationships. With dark secrets,regrets,sexually explicit scenes,lost innocence,romance,slavery past,and love. “Emily’s Seduction” is more than erotic romance it is a story of healing,forgiveness of oneself for past sins,friendship,and finding happiness after years of searching for something. This author knows how to pull a reader into the story and hold them there.Fast paced with hot sex scenes,rich characters, and a plot rich in details.A must read for anyone who enjoys Erotic Romance, Georgian era,and Americana.I can hardly wait for the next installment of this amazing,exciting, erotic series. Received from an honest review from the author. Details can be found at Total-E-Bound Publishing,the author’s website and My Book Addiction and More.
    *Warning sexually explicit scenes, light BDSM, sensual spanking, anal sex, toys, voyeurism and once scene of, M/F/M*
    RATING: 4.5
    HEAT RATING: Wild Ride: Graphic sex scenes,including multiple partners,alternate lifestyles,explicit adult language and/or graphic violence.
    REVIEWED BY: AprilR, My Book Addiction and More


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