Ebook Review – HJ Girls On the Road, 3 Book Bundle (Beat of the Drums, Pulling Taffy, Beware Our Sting)

HJThis is billed as a three book set, whereas in fact it’s actually more like three short stories, but that is ok!   The boring stuff out of the way first – the book has been well edited, is punctuated and written in a fairly standard but very acceptable way.

So there is no sex in this book!!  WHAT I hear you say – I thought this was erotica!! When I say no sex, I mean in the actual biblical sense! What  there is running through  each story is a heck of a lot of erotica content.

Basically the three stories each tell the same story – Holly and Jane are on the road, two gorgeous young girls (one blonde and one brunette) who have rather a thing for hand jobs, and enjoy finding willing victims, because actually its rather more than hand jobs it’s all about control and making the men they entice into the back of their van under their thrall!

At only 96 pages there is not a lot of room to go into much more detail than the sex scenes themselves, and that is what this book lacks, I didn’t get a sense of Holly or Jane, any more than the fact they are 25 year best buds, who when off on the road together form a rather formidable team, heading into the path of unsuspecting men.

The sex scenes are well detailed and well written and for a book which focusses almost exclusively on a hand jobs, pretty varied!  I found the “milking cot” idea amusing but really don’t like the name sounds far more bizarre than it really is!

What I would really have liked was another ten pages in each story giving you some back story on the girls, what drove them to this strange pastime, we are told they vaguely have boyfriends, but no more.  Just a little more time spent padding each story out with words that are not erotica would pay dividends here.

My favourite story is definitely the final one (Beware Out Sting), it brings in a few more characters and I liked the addition of a wife, out to get her husband back a bit!

Summary – good solid erotica, and if reading about hand jobs and mild control are your thing – definitely one for you.  I found it a little formulaic and as I say above lacking the detail to make it a proper read.  However when you place it against some of the horrendously written erotica dross out there, it stands up pretty well.

3-kinky-katsThree Kinky Kats – give it a try!

What the author says……

Synopsis: Holly and Jane are on a great American road trip. Their mission: Visit exciting places and use their “handy” skills to tame as many guys as they can. This three-book bundle brings together the first three erotically explicit tales of the dominating duo. In each place they visit, the men they encounter quickly learn that a date with these ladies may bring pleasure or shame — and often, both.

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