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EROI read a lot of indie published erotica, and sometimes just getting through the horrendous grammar and badly constructed sentences is enough hard work before you even think about reviewing the book! Luckily for me, my latest read suffers from NONE of that at all, it is well written, perfectly constructed and easy to read, it was not actually until I was about halfway through that I realised one of the reasons I was enjoying the book so much was that it was not an effort to read! The author has been a ghost writer for many years, and it truly does show, she knows how to write!

Onto the actual story! Its sexy and its good, I read the whole book (and it’s a full novel size) over three nights and I found myself thoroughly enjoying it, there are only five characters in the book, with two who are the mains, this small cast means each person was well fleshed out, with Taisia and Robert being especially well written, throughout the story we are given little snippets as to who exactly Taisia is.

Set way ahead in the future, the story follows five humans, fresh out of cryosleep, attempting to terraform a new planet, for humans to live on – from the background you pick up as the story progresses, it seems humans are spread around space stations and on earth. Creating a new planet which could act as a home for humans is a very important task.

The thing is, as soon as the group arrive they are all, overcome with intense sexual desire, which despite a fairly continual round of group sex they are unable to sate.

It is Taisia and her curiosity and desire to explore (and get away from her rutting co-workers) who discovers the truth about the planet, and in doing so, it becomes down to her to save the project and her friends.

This is sci-fi erotica, and very far-fetched in every way. But that is ok, erotica is fantasy, and this book is all fantasy.

Attention to detail and copious sex scenes, all written very well indeed, make this a great erotica read, there is sex in most of its glorious forms, and even in some you may well be surprised by!
The funny thing is, I found myself almost waiting for the sex scenes to be over as I was reading it, so I could get back to the actual story. In some ways this book is too good for the erotica which encompasses it, part of me wishes the book had been written missing most of it out, and using all of those words to wend the tale a little more!!

4-kinky-katsFour very well deserved Kinky Kats!

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Quin has been working as a ghost writer in the romance industry for years. When she decided it was time to make her own way as a writer, SciFi Erotica was the perfect choice because they go together like PB&J. Quin currently lives in the UK with a whale of a cat named Binks, though she grew up with one foot on each side of the pond since her mother is English and her dad is American.

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