Lipstick Lizzy: Confessions of a Curious Coed


Lipstick Lizzy: Confessions of a Curious Coed

After discovering her surprising love of lesbian porn, shy coed Liz Carter starts to develop a secret sexual infatuation with her best friend of 10 years & roommate, carefree Tara. After showing Tara a video, it turns out Liz isn’t the only one. After experiencing her wildest fantasy, she can’t stop thinking about Tara “like that” & wants more. Liz struggles to label her sexuality, while Tara can’t get enough of their new found pastime, no matter where they are.

WARNING: This 5,000+ word story contains graphic language, light drug use & steamy detailed descriptions of two bi-curious best friend’s lesbian sex. If any of those things make you uneasy, do NOT read.

Trevor’s bathroom was huge, his shower alone could fit six grown adults comfortably. Shower jets dot every square foot of wall in the shower and the water falls directly from the ceiling onto you, like a human version of an automated car wash. Trevor also has a bidet. I’d never used one before, but had heard rave reviews in the likes of Cosmo about women getting off with these things. I’m intrigued with the notion of trying it, since my showerhead and I are such good friends. I turn around to ask Tara what she thinks but she’s gone, soft giggling coming from Trevor’s room.

I run and jump on the bed like Tara, my ass slowly sinking down into the comforter next to her. She sits up quickly and grabs my hand. “You know what would be hot since we’re being open about whatever we’re doing?”

My heart starting to race anticipating what she’s going to say next, I reply. “What’s that?”
Tara’s fingers slip inside the waist band of my jeans and pull me toward her, pressing our breasts together, our noses almost touching.

“We should…” She leans in, her lips slightly parting as she touches her’s to mine. Her warm tongue dancing with little flitters inside my mouth. I can feel my stomach drop, my pussy starting to feel slick already. She pulls back to speak again.

“Fuck on Trevor’s bed.” She says, breathlessly between her kisses that are getting more intense as the time passes. The slippery tickle between my thighs is growing into a throbbing dull ache. My mind is anxious about Adam and Trevor catching us, but my body doesn’t give a shit. So what? I’m sure lots of men dream about this scenario every day.


Author: Vivian Stone                                                          Price $2.99