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Review – Sex God by Matthew Armstrong


Sex GodThis is a good book, that could have been really very good indeed had the author added a little more detail, which would have stopped the story hurtling along so fast!

Following Alex and Angela, with Alex as the main story teller, but told at times from both of their perspectives.

When I first started reading, I admit my heart sunk a little, it seems for the first chapter or so, to be very perfunctory and emotionless, and had I not been reviewing the book I would have stopped, however this would have been a shame, because once the book gets going its really rather good!

Married with two young children, living in Spain, Alex and Angela are bored!  But it is Alex who suggests rather tentatively that they consider an open relationship, and he is extremely shocked when Angela doesn’t just agree to it, she does so eagerly jumping straight in to make the most of her new found freedom. Continue reading


Review – Millie May in Chains by Rose Scottsdale

Millie-May-In-Chains-Cover-FinalThe second installment in Rose Scottsdale’s Millie May series is as naughty as the first, with Millie May and her blacksmith Jacob again taking centre stage.

But this time the action revolves around Millie’s 20th birthday and the party which Jacob arranges.  It seems the gruff domineering blacksmith has a few tricks up his sleeve, and Millie May is more than happy to be led along by Jacob and his friends. Continue reading


Review – Monster’s Chains by Lola White

MonstersChains500Monster’s Chains by Lola White is one of those books which draws you in seemingly deeper and deeper with every page you turn.

A thriller with a decent bit of erotic content thrown in, I found that the author has managed to combine the two in a way to make the sexual content a part of the story, and rather than an add on, it adds to the feel of the whole book.  Monster’s Chains revolves around Rebecca Sterling, who is a psychic with the ability to see past events; now this is a gift which comes with and causes its own emotional struggles,as she sees crimes through the eyes of the perpetrator.  The story begins when Rebecca is called in by Police Officer, Detective Frank James, to help out on a case of a missing women, reluctant initially to help with the case, when she does, she gets involved not only emotionally but romantically with the missing woman’s brother Aiden Parnellis, needless to say this case pushes her to her every limit as Rebecca finds herself going from the hunter to the hunted. .

5-kinky-katsFive Kinky Kats
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REVIEW – Lizzie by Lottie Winter

Having read the other books in The Carnal Set, when we got an email from author Lottie Winter to say there was another installment in the Victorian Dark Erotic book series, I felt compelled to read Lizzie too, and I am pleased to say that one again Lottie really has a grasp of the Victorian era taking great pride I am sure in researching her use of words to fit perfectly.

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