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Review – Sex God by Matthew Armstrong


Sex GodThis is a good book, that could have been really very good indeed had the author added a little more detail, which would have stopped the story hurtling along so fast!

Following Alex and Angela, with Alex as the main story teller, but told at times from both of their perspectives.

When I first started reading, I admit my heart sunk a little, it seems for the first chapter or so, to be very perfunctory and emotionless, and had I not been reviewing the book I would have stopped, however this would have been a shame, because once the book gets going its really rather good!

Married with two young children, living in Spain, Alex and Angela are bored!  But it is Alex who suggests rather tentatively that they consider an open relationship, and he is extremely shocked when Angela doesn’t just agree to it, she does so eagerly jumping straight in to make the most of her new found freedom. Continue reading


Review – Rubber Space Academy by Roxy Katt

RSAnewASUPLOADEDThis is a very silly story, now that doesn’t mean it’s rather good as well, because actually it is!

Rubber Space Academy is unlike anything else I have ever read, Roxy Katt obviously doesn’t take her erotica too seriously which was something I really liked. I honestly had a good chuckle a couple of times and a smile on my face the whole time.

A short story at just 41 pages; it nevertheless packs in the funny, sex and rubber of course!
Continue reading


REVIEW – The Scarlett Haze Diaries by Kiera Hart

coverThis ebook comes under the short story umbrella, but actually after reading it, I had to double-check, because the author seems to manage to pack so much in.

The story is the first in the Scarlet Haze Diaries series of books, and is also the first for author Keira Hart!  The story is not for the easily offended, or those who don’t enjoy a very strong sexual story line, however despite the fact that it is an erotic book, and contains some scenes of a heavily sexual nature; the story is actually, I felt, more about a young woman’s voyage of discovery, as she attempts to escape the dullness and predictability of life. Continue reading