Cassandra By Lottie Winter

Think Wuthering Heights with a lot of naughtiness!

Cassandra by Lottie Winter is a well-written enticing read which for those who love a bit of Victorian erotica with a very large dose of D/s this novel is perfect.  I really enjoyed the turn of phrase, and the way the author manages to convey to the reader the sense of the time without needing to turn the book into a history lesson.

This full novel has given Lottie Winter (who has previously published a short story as a prequel to this novel) the page space to be really very explicit in her sex scenes, which go from the rough and ready, to the needy alone right the way to romantic love.

There are two main characters in the book – Cassandra, a young, well brought woman who is thrown onto hard times after the death of her parents, and ends up working as a governess, and Thorpe her employer a widower who is dark, handsome, calculating and dangerous, but he has the capacity for change and as the novel progresses it shows, also the capacity to love.

Thorpe’s large estate plays host to the monthly gathering of the Carnal Set, a group of select Victorians who once a month meet up in the specially converted West Wing for a weekend of a utter debauchery amongst friends, husbands, wives and lovers.  The story of Cassandra revolves around Thorpe’s invite to her, to attend one weekend without her knowledge of what goes on.  But it is he who is in the biggest shock as the night and days that follow show.

Fabulous character development and an attention to detail which is rarely shown in an erotic novel.  This is a story utterly devoid of cheesiness, over-written sex scenes and emotions that make no sense, the author clearly does understand human nature.  I loved it!

If you love Fifty Shades of Grey – Cassandra will blow you away

If you hated Fifty Shades of Grey – Cassandra will blow you away. 

Author: Lottie Winter                                     Price $3.99