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Erotic Author Spotlight

There is something very dark and beautiful about Carrie Anne Ward, a Glamour Model who has turned her hand to writing erotica, much of which is founded on her own experiences of being both a Dom and a Submissive, preferring the latter I wanted to ask Carrie what her thoughts and feelings were about BDSM as I know a lot of people have the idea that is some sort of forced torture.

So Carrie can tell us a little bit about your world of BDSM and give a little more educating to a role play scene many do not understand?

I wouldn’t say FORCED torture, but it you want torture, if that’s what you’re in to and it turns you on, then yeah torture it can be. For me it’s probably the most honest and loving relationship I have ever been in. The trust I share with my Sir is like nothing I have ever felt. We have to be honest in every sense for the D/s relationship to work. BDSM isn’t just about pain and pleasure, believe it or not there are a lot of subs out there that don’t like the pain and a lot of Dom’s that don’t like inflicting it. It’s mostly about the submission and dominance of control. Some Dom’s like to simply pleasure their sub’s, but people tend to only see the pain side of it. I won’t lie, I like the pain. It gets my blood pumping, the adrenaline surging. I like feeling scared, intimidated etc. It makes me feel alive and to then have my Sir care for me after is such a beautiful and wonderful feeling. I wouldn’t change it. I trust him to know me and my limits and he trusts me to tell him when I don’t like something, to be honest. However, most importantly… it’s consensual. Every vanilla relationship is different and that’s the same with BDSM/D’s relationships, it’s just we throw in a few extras lol. When you think about your sex life every single relationship has a little D/s in it to some degree, it’s just Sir and I take it further. I could be here forever trying to explain it, but truth be told I can’t.

Your writing is very much based on some of your experiences in life, how much of it is fiction and how much is based on true events?

I would say it’s about 50/50; there are some fictional scenes but give me time, I am pretty sure they will soon become non fictional lol. I believe in writing what you know, so I took the experience I have had and put them into my book. I want it to feel real, I want people to read what it’s really like to be a submissive and living the BDSM life style. I want a person to read a story written by a real submissive and not from someone who thinks they know about kink just because they did a bit of research.

I know writing is now your primary focus but you have also been involved in modelling for many Carrie Anne Ward years, can you tell us a little bit about this and type of modelling you did?

I’ve been modelling on and off for about 12 years now as a glamour model. I’ve been in a few magazines such as Max Power, Nuts a few times and I was even on the front page of The Sun newspaper (All British Mags and newspapers) when I got into the finalist of Page3 idol. I never took it up full time. It was always a side gig as it was an incredibly unreliable profession. I’ve done calendars, been on loads of website, help build portfolios and much much more. It was fun and strange when someone recognises you from a mag, but I had a good time doing it.  

Carrie you are slowly moving away from modelling and concentrating more on writing but when did the writing bug hit and when did you decide that being an author was now the career you wanted to pursue?

I’ve been writing since I was a kid. I use to write mini stories at school and being an artist also, I started to write my own sort of comic. (Nothing like marvel comics though lol) As I got older I wanted to right erotica, but I was young and inexperienced and there really wasn’t a market for it then, not like there is now. I wrote supernaturals and horrors, but I would never finished a story. So when a certain big time book hit the shelves and what with it being about something I knew quite well (BDSM) I realised there was finally a market for erotic/BDSM and I found the genre I was passionate about. So I began to tap away my ideas and here I am with my first novel.

Carrie Anne Ward, What do you think makes a good erotic book and are there particular authors what you admire in this genre?

I think, knowing about what it is that you are writing about. I think keep the scene hot and different and not repetitive. Your characters need to have depth and you need to have an amazing storyline to back up all the hot sex lol. There needs to be a connection between the main characters and you need to be able to connect with the characters yourself also. It has to tickle people’s fantasies. It needs to be realistic but in the sense that its boarding on the lines of “the will never happen.”

I love Tiffany Reisz. She, like me, has experience in the area of BDSM and she isn’t afraid to push the story to the limits. Her characters are amazing and you connect with them all. I also love Sylvia day too, pure because she is an amazing writing. She has such a way with words.

Where does Carrie Anne Ward see herself in five years time; any goals or aspirations you have set yourself?

To be a big time author of course. Watch out E L James I am coming for you. I wanna be living in New York, but I think that’s a little too over the top. Wishful thinking. I want my name to be well known in the erotic world. I want to give up my day job and write full time. I would love for one of my books to be created into a movie, but I wouldn’t allow it to be change for the film and I would pick the cast lol. Other then living my life with my Sir, still playing in the dungeon, I think the one small dream I have, is to simply see my book on the shelves.

Before we close Carrie can you give us a synopsis of your new book, A Taylor Made Student?

A tutor that desperately wants to teach and a student that eagerly wants to learn. Off into the shadows she follows…

After 2 years of running from her brutal past, Kiera Fox is now ready to start her life over. When she decides to finish her degree at the Essex University, the last thing she was expecting was to meet the handsome and intimidating Taylor Holloway.

A brief encounter in the court yard ignites a searing desire inside of Kiera which she longs to act upon. When she takes that plunge she is surprised to learn that Taylor is her Art tutor.

Giving in to the overwhelming longing for one another, Kiera embarks on a dark journey of submission to Taylor, guiding her into a world beyond just sex. He teachers her about dominance and submission, control and discipline, pain and pleasure, but this path is a little too familiar for Kiera. Bringing up too many raw memories she’s isn’t quite ready to face, but she can no longer run as her past has now found her.

Whilst struggling to come to terms with her past, a new threat is boiling in the background. Dragging up old war wounds and dangerous secrets, Kiera soon learns she isn’t the only one hiding secrets. Although the threats warn about revealing the affair, Kiera feels it’s not just about exposing them, this is personal.

Can their relationship remain in the shadows along with their secrets? And how far will Taylor push Kiera in surrendering her will to his dark world, without breaking her?