Amy’s Innocence – Purity – Pt 1 (Virgin, Older Man/Younger Woman)


Amy’s a virgin. A farm girl. Religious. And horny.
When she meets a strange, ruggedly handsome man in the forest that’s more than double her age, she can’t help how curious she is about him. Desire burns between her legs as the lonely man touches her nubile form, splaying her out before him.
Warning: Contains two super sexy people, a young woman and an older man that learn the pleasure of one another’s bodies, even during the pain of virginal loss.

Risky sex and a beautiful cream pie is just part of the allure. All characters are of legal age. With over 7k words, you really get to know – and want – the characters.

~~ Excerpt:
The sight of her bare, honey slick cunt before him made his breathing pause and his heart hitch. He had touched it. Tasted it. But to see it before him made it completely real. Trembling, his hands went up to her blouse, slowly undoing the buttons, unveiling a growing triangle of her skin until he was showing her pert little breasts, those delectably stiff nipples pointing up.
Peeling the top back from her chest, he lowered himself down, his mouth engulfing the side of one pale breast. Suckling lightly he repeated the motion, but this time he took her nipple into his mouth. All while his cock bobbed over her, the large organ brushing her sex with its precum coated tip.
She was so pale compared to him, her nipples a beautiful dusty rose, her stomach like untouched snow, her hair a fiery sunset. When she opened her eyes, they were the deepest sea blue, with just a hint of green peeking through. She moaned as his lips touched her and her knees shuddered. Her breathing was so heavy, the lines of her neck growing visible with each inhale.
Impatient for her, he suckled and kissed at her breasts for as long as he could take it, until his hand came back to her slit. He felt her sex there, probing the narrow little seam of her femininity. So hungry to delve inside he rose up, kissing her lips again and murmuring softly, “This may hurt at first, sweet Amy… but only for a moment. Then it will be sweet bliss that chases away our hurts and loneliness, I swear.” Taking the twat-slickened fingers to his own shaft, he guided himself down to her, probing her pussy with the bulging tip as he rolled back the foreskin, revealing the entirety of the rounded crown.

Author: J.E Keep & M.Keep                                  Price:$2.96