Dirty Money

Dirty Money

redundant, her friend sets her up with a job interview with Bryce DeLaurentis, a gorgeous young billionaire. His wandering eye soon leads to a sexy interview process, and Caitlyn steps outside her comfort zone to please her powerful, rich employer.

Can Caitlyn prove she has what it takes to work under Bryce?

Warning – this erotic short story (4861 words) is not suitable for readers under 18. It contains graphic language and descriptions of sexual situations, including cock-sucking, masturbation, orgasm denial, M/F sex, hair pulling, ties on wrists and in mouths, spanking and cheating. This is not a romance!

Extract –
Bryce stood over me on the desk, straddling his legs over my own. I could feel his large erection pressing against the flimsy material of my skirt. I wanted him in me immediately, and began tearing at his belt, trying desperately to take his pants off. Bryce slapped at my wrist, as I adjusted his buckle – playfully, but firmly.

“What are you doing?”, he asked me, pulling his pants back up and lifting himself off me.

“I thought…I thought we…?”. My voice trailed off. I didn’t know what to think. Had I misinterpreted his words and actions? Bryce brought his face close to mine and for a minute I thought he was going to kiss me.

“We might…”, Bryce hinted. “But I’ve always been the type to play with my food before I eat it. I want to make you really want it”.

“I already do!”, I insisted. “I’m ready”.

“The longer I make you wait, the more fun it is for me”. Bryce looked irresistably sexy, a piece of his blond hair falling over one of his beautiful green eyes. “So, Caitlyn, will you work for me? Will you do what I tell you to do?”.

Author: Alison Chains                                                                   Price: $2.99