Untouchable You (New Adult Erotic Romance)



Untouchable You (New Adult Erotic Romance)

starts out as something impossible, becomes something irresistible, despite their circumstances.

Laura, born into an emotionally stilted family, tries to buck her fathers constant demands of her, with her wild and rebellious behavior. Her casual encounters and care-free attitude make her lock horns with him constantly. Unable to find her real place in the world, it all changes one day when a debonair young man with a complex past enters her life. The relationship is, however, impossible.

Brigg’s past is fraught with danger. But when he meets Laura, a girl who’s background is so very different from his own, his feelings begin to change. Torn between the path he has already chosen and Laura, he wonders if his conflicted feelings for her are his last chance at redemption. But the wheels of destiny are already in place, and escaping them will require him to become a new man and pull-off his greatest ploy yet, in a bid to win her…

Warning: Contains explicit scenes of a sexual nature in this new adult romance…

Author: Anita Dobs                                        Price: $0.99