Corsets and Cravings ~ A Victorian Romance and Erotic Short Story Collection. Vol. II


Please note: These short stories includes erotic adult themes such
as: Romantic liaisons, passion, bondage, bisexual, threesome (MMF),
semi-rough lovemaking, and gay romance themes.

“Corsets and Cravings” is
a short story collection of five newly written Victorian romantic and erotic
short stories and includes the following stories:

The PianoforteSinful
The Castle in the Mist
Secret Letters
Under the Full Moon

Extracts from the stories:
“Reader, he kissed me!
At first,
tender and careful. Tentatively, perhaps to see if I would resist him or not.
However, I kissed him back, full of passion. An entire summer of suppressed
desire and longing rose towards the surface. I buried my hands in his hair and
he cupped my face as the kiss continued and grew into forbidden emotions, which
irreversibly whirled through my body. Not caring about my completely indecent
behaviour or the fact that we were outdoors I let my hands slip in under his
shirt and touch him, which made him moan softly and kiss me deeper.”
– From
the short story “The Pianoforte”

“What are you doing?” Timothy asked in
a strangled voice, as they finally removed his trousers and the rest of his
clothes. He could not see what they were doing since he was blindfolded, but
that only increased the anticipation. He should feel vulnerable, blindfolded and
with tied arms behind his back, however instead it strangely made him feel both
safe and extremely excited at the same time. No one replied to his question and
he moaned quietly in expectation.
– From the short story “Sinful Dealings”

“He stood petrified as he felt her lips against his, her naked body
pressed against his. For a moment rage, sorrow, and passion fought inside of him
before passion claimed victory. He pulled her closer and kissed her back, deeply
and with no regrets.
Their lovemaking was neither slow, nor gentle, but an
act of burning need and desire. Henry embraced her and she could feel his
craving and hardness against her, which had a most arousing effect. He cradled
her naked bottom and kissed her deeply, exploring her with his tongue. She
smelled and tasted like the woods, wild and untamed.”
– From the short story
“Under the Full Moon”

Author: Lady T. L. Jennings                                         Price: $3.11

Author Bio Notes:

Lady T. L. Jennings is a shy writer who loves the Victorian era and afternoon tea. She lives on the outskirts of Oxford in England, and writes Victorian erotica and romance with a dash of gothic mystique in longhand with a fountain pen.
She collects books, corsets, and lovers (all with varying levels of success)