Couples Play #1


When Ellen and Peter walk into the bar where Ellen books live music acts,
neither is sure that they’ll still be together by the end of the night. Five
years of marriage has dulled their attraction to each other, and the musicians
Ellen works with are more than happy to appreciate her.
But when Ellen stumbles upon the drummer having sex with his girlfriend, she can’t turn away

from a scene that reminds her of the way she and Peter used to be. By the time
she goes back in the bar, she’s ready to jump anyone.

Peter isn’t going
to give up so easily. He knows Ellen, and when he sees how hot she is, he
recognizes his chance to prove that he still wants her. And when they get
started, the clothes come off and the belt goes wild, no matter who might walk
to the back of the bar and find them.

WARNING: This story is for readers
18 and over. Contains explicit sex, blow jobs, voyeurism, spanking with leather
belts, and sex in public places.

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Story length: 4,500
words/20 pages.

Excerpt from Couples Play #1:

The tension over
getting caught fueled the fire in her belly, and Ellen found that rather than
rushing to be done before anyone found them, she wanted to slow down and draw
out the moment.

She took her time pulling his erection in and out of her
mouth. He gathered her hair in his fist, and when she squeezed the bottom of his
shaft, he yanked, hard.

Ellen almost bit him in surprise. Peter had never
been rough with her, not ever. She pulled away. “Inspired?” He twisted
her hair more tightly in his hands and used it to force her back down on the
sofa. “I am.”

This was way beyond where they’d ever gone. Maybe he knew
he was losing her. Maybe she was responding in ways he’d never dreamed. But she
found she wanted it rough. Public. And maybe even if someone watched.

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